All At Sea

Well,contrary to the past few weeks,the recent weekend and first two weekdays have indeed been eventful,exhausting but fun as hell.Let's take a rewind,and start from Saturday.

1. 7 or 8 of us inc. jen,remy travelled 20 minutes back to the 1980's to this sleek,stylish and old-fashioned eatery called American Diner @ Chapel Street.There,the essence of the early 90's glowed from almost every object-the bright neon signs,the oversized milkshake glasses,the overstuffed hot-dogs,Cash,Franklin and Ray Charles singing in the background.Everything there,excluding the skyhigh prices,were relatively untouched by modernization,inflation or the millenium influence-all of this made me wonder,while sipping slowly on my ice-lemon tea & toes tapping rapidly to the Grease soundtrack,how remarkable the old times were-all the suffering of the 1910's fuelled by continuous war & inter-nation controversy,the ups and downs of the 1990's marked by incidents such as Cobain's suicide and the Lewinsky scandal,and the leaving of the ridiculous hippie drug-induced era,and the coming of new age which we currently occupy.While all the blood-tainted yesterdays,like the stories our parents tell us of how bad it was during their time,seem full of trouble and adventure,our new generation in comparison looks dull,mundane and completely simple.Our struggles include dealing with the growing number of obese children,trying to invent more complex technology to accomodate the growing need for the fast & easy way,fashion and entertainment...haih...i think you get my point,as the future approaches,the bright colours in our world seems to slowly dissolve into one single shade of metalic grey.

2.Sweet,sweet Sunday.Siew Chien and i forced ourselves to wake up at 7am,to attend the live coke/channel 10-sponsored rock event at Federation Square.While Swanston Street still looked like an empty graveyard,FedSq was filled to the brim-kids,teens and adults anxiously gathered to watch Augie March,Something for Kate and some hip-hop imbecile perform.I can't say much about these Aussie bands,can't compare them to the real good Aussie exports like Kt Tunstall or Savage Garden,these bands generally suck but once in a while they come up with really good hits,in one an entire album there'd probably be one or two worthy singles,the rest is purely rubbish.Anyways,the concert wasn't amazing either,the sponsors concentrated more on how the damn show looked on tv (channel 10-live broadcast),so the people who attended only got to watch two bands perform the same singles three times each,the rest of the time the stage was empty while they showed various ads on the big screen,and the worst part,Wolfmother (who was supposed to perform,according to the ads broadcasted) only came for a five-minute on-stage interview.Bloody corporate gimmicks,they lure us to come to these events and we come expecting to hear actual rock music and the stuff we get is one seriously demented 'hip-hop' artist who should die and rott in hip-hop hell,two songs being played repeatedly and a bloody simpson figurine as a free gift.Bloody shit!,should've realised all the stuff that comes for free,is usually accompanied with hidden agenda's,corporate motives and all sorts of worthless goodies.Despite all this anger and frustration,i remember Sunday being a terrific day-after the concert,me and schien intended to get piercings but they cost my life here..$80 for an eyebrow piercing,and $50 for an ear piercing.WHAT THE HELL-since when did getting a tiny piercing cost so much?I'm inclined to believe its so bloody expensive cos' they hire expert surgeons with all sorts of highly-sterilized tools to do the job,but nah,its more relieving to believe those people in the piercing parlor are simply idiots who assume we're idiots who'd pay more than $10 for a pirecing.Fucking idiots.

Later,after lunch at the Vietnamese restaurants where all the waitresses and even the waiters seem to be cursed with permanent PMS,met up with Remy and the 3 of us went to St. Kilda beach for some much-needed peace and calm from the world of peer pressure and social tension.Reminds me of Jamie Cullum's All At Sea,where the song talks about being apart from the world in a boat,where nothing but the entire universe seems to be reduced to be the beautiful image of the endless ocean.

2.Tuesday,went to the market with 3 others and when i asked the asian cashier for an extra plastic bag i received a lecture instead-he went on about how one bag could carry 10 kilo's and saving the environment and all that shit..to be fair i only bought one item and asked remy to pay for it along with his other stuff so i needed a separate bag,cos' i couldn't just carry around the Weightwatcher's Apple Crumble Muesli around like that,it'd be stupid and embarassing,so i replied angrily by saying i need the damn bag,and don't worry i'm part of the treehuggers society.Well,i'm sure someday i will be.

Okay,the Jamie Cullum song wasn't as romantic or deeply poetic as i described,heck there was even a mention of a bloody mobile phone,but lets just pretend it was.

Nothing,and noone else exists.


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