Let's Get Naked

Yyy's Cheated Hearts becomes the perfect theme song to coincide with the weekend's careless & liberating mood.

Ahhhh,can you smell that?-the sweet scent of mid-july lingering in the air,its God telling us the weekend has come to set us free.

For those still contemplating to watch Pirates of The Carribean,let me be the one to help push you off the fence-consider this,the movie made cinematic history and after watching it yesterday with the peeps,i can honestly tell you its absofuckinglutely worth every dubloon-no doubt some will complain/rant that the only female lead is dressed as a boy half the time (but in the beginning she wears one of those supertight corsets-i must say Kiera's boobs have grown massively since the early days of Bend it Like Beckham),the overuse of special effects seem to cloud the story but after all,not one movie is without flaws and this one is definitely worth looking past all the small misses.

Life has been uneventful for the past week,lets instead travel across the internet and see what interesting sights it has to offer.

1.Kate Bosworth (the less hotter/talented version of Elisha Cuthbert) as Lois Lane is just so undescripably pathetic she should eat shit and kill herself-visit this website,see who was supposed to play which character.

2.Who knew that innocent-faced virgin from The Princess Diaries would one day pave her way to being a sex icon?Anne Hathaway,post-Brokeback Mountain,proves she's not an innocent girl after all.In an alternate galaxy far far away,Princess Amidala,chooses to follow suit.

3.Killing time by doing nothing-let the horses sing,throw some trash, invent a stage persona or write something and have it sung back.All tried,tested and approved.

4.Or better yet,read-a penis a bit too huge?,teachers are people (and they do talk nasty things in the bilik guru),policemen suddenly become increasingly predatory.

5.Last of all,some songs for those times sanity,righteousness and all those bullshit concepts seem non-existant and all you wanna do is get naked and scream/cry/rock your heart's content out.
Death Cab For Cutie-I will follow you into the dark
The White Stripes-Fell in love with a girl
Broken Social Scene-Anthem for a seventeen year old
Incubus-Are You In
Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb
The New Pornographers-From Blown Speakers
Yeahyeahyeah's-Cheated Hearts

So undress,close your eyes and let the music take you to the place where all is boundless and undefined.


Angelita Atractivo said...

JD is my absolute turn-on!!

and POTC2... gosh~ don't get me started!

two thumbs-up!!

soraya barakbah said...

JD is a total music lovers turn off. inxs is coming to msia. i dont wanna watch them in fear of hating inxs for life. jd can sing, he can write. but all that belly button and chest bearing moves? pfffffffftttttttttt

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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