Chichi gave birth to this cute lil' still-unamed kitten-it has the coolest ears (but i'm not too sure about the missing tail,or if that's normally how cats start off),which i hope my sister Ivana will look after so it grows up well and healthy.Chichi's the grumpy one of the bunch,and i bet this one's gonna be another pain in the ass.By pain in the ass i mean refusing to eat anything then rolling around the floor acting all grumpy for attention.These cats are such diva's.Well,at least they're cute.

Read this article-its short but dense with potentially dangerous ideas,but i admit there is some logic to it.Relating to religion and its influence on war,i watched an interesting episode of Law&Order where an Arab woman killed a retired soldier and claimed to be innocent because 'it is not wrong for one soldier to kill another' in what she perceived was a war between Islam and America.The case almost went out of control,the White House and US Army getting involved-but the lawyers and politicians managed to contain the chaos and turn it to another normal everyday court case-there was one line the lawyer representing the prosecuting team said that got me thinking:"They twist and turn the very fundamentals of their religion to accomodate personal vendetta's then shape justice into what is most convenient to wipe out their wrongdoings."

Noone's completely innocent here.Keyword being completely.

Only kittens are innocent.

More updates to come.


annakin said...

abt ur photomouth. i cant comment there coz it only allows blogger ppl =/

i hope u take more series of pics. they are random, abstract and the description is fitting at the bottom. also i plan to use these photo journals as teaching material for english tutoring. it will stimulate imagination.

eg. arrange pics in any way u want ur plot to be and write!

mae said...

haiyo dude!
DFO shopping was really nice!
nvm, round 2 will come soon.
shud have seen siew chien!
super funny!
she was blocking up paths with her massive pillows! ahahahaha!

eh ur kitten very smart.
so young can read newspaper already!
not bad not bad!!

insaneal said...

ahaha yes my kitten lves the gossip section-very kepochi!

li-ann yea i'll try be more active with photomouth & tks for the idea:)