The Pain in Being Different

In the spirit of giving life to independant and arthouse films,here is the trailer to the 2005 film C.R.A.Z.Y.But,forget the movie,it looks awfully kitsch and soppy anyways (the whole baby-dropping thing is just insanely stupid,and what kind of title is CRAZY anyways) and worst of all,its French.Yugh.The trailer's enough for me.Fave part:

Zachary: I want to be like everyone else.
Madame Chose:Thank God you never will.

I don't wear an excessive amount of goth accesories,pride myself as being eccentric or distinctively define myself as being different to everyone-but i know for a fact that i am,i don't belong in most groups and find trouble fitting in almost everywhere i go.This idea of normality has existed for a long time,and noone's close to being powerful enough to completely remove this unrighteous idea from society's minds,so the only way for people who are different to feel better is simply to accept themselves despite the consequences,but more importantly,accept the fact that society is generally cruel,unaccepting and narrow-minded,and move on with their own lives.Now,reducing this situation to the tiny microcosms we encounter too often-the arrogant jerk whom you've been fighting with for quite sometime,the local whiteboy who's a natural racist towards Asians,or the everyday people who don't seem to understand and refuse to come terms with who you are.Forgive them,get over it,they have no idea what they're doing really.Sure most times you could try talking it out and try to find peace somehow,but sometimes,the only answer is to accept the fact that life's a rough ride and some things you just can't control,and enjoy the ride by not being affected by these petty troubles.

So yeah,fuck the world.

Songs i'm listening to:
Ben Harper-Diamonds
Corrine Bailey-Put Your Records On
Faithless-Muhammad Ali
The Fray-Over My Head
Lenny Kravitz-Calling All Angels
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Black Tongue
Jimi Hendrix-Angel
OK Go-Do What You Want
Scissor Sisters-Filthy & Gorgeous
The Smashing Pumpkins-Rat in a cage
Snow Patrol-Chocolate

*Here's a link to a hilarious clip (thanks Sue-Mae for the link:)

Yes,the choice of songs are very reflective of my current emotional state.Unstable.Turbulent.Chaotic.Up.Down.Further down.Rockbottom.

I'm sure true salvation will arrive to save me from this nasty pit of self-wallowing and endless misery someday.These pathetic fantasies we invent in an attempt to fill in the bottomless void of emptiness and hopelessness we feel at times.Salvation,its so fucking overrated.


Anonymous said...

Tuhan kan ada! Doa pada tuhan yang Maha Esa!

syazazafirah said...

hahahaaaa..thai ad clip..i rike.