About a Boy

So,a third of the holidays have passed and I haven't done anything particularly productive or exciting-but it's been great anyways.

Hu cha cha!

Anyhu,I'm sure all of you have either read or heard of Nick Hornby's work-I think three of his books were adapted into films: High Fidelity,About A Boy & Fever Pitch-High Fidelity was a great film,they nailed the characters right-on although the main character turned out a tad self-indulgent (because he's in the narrator's position,so he's in your face all the time),but John Cusack pulled it off nicely anyway-and oh,Jack Black's AMAZING renditon of Let's Get It On at the end will make you wet yourself.I've been avoiding Hugh Grant movies like an STD,so I haven't seen About A Boy-but I intend to,because he's not too bad and I actually liked Two Weeks Notice.

Back to the books! I started with High Fidelity last week,and that was a hoot!-I've never had so much fun reading a book since...Sue Townsend's 'Adrian Mole & The Weapons of Self-Destruction'-it was poignant,interesting but above all,funny as hell.I've only started on About A Boy-it's equally hilarious and fun to read,just overflowing of humour.

Well,any of you Nick Hornby fans-I'd appreciate other book recommendations,other books that I might like-or,what was the last good book you read,care to share?Anyhu,I recommend High Fidelity to anyone who's been through a disastrously bad break-up,it'll give you a lighter perspective on things,although the main character incessantly,obessesively rants about getting back with his ex and contemplates all sorts of inane things you'd expect a guy going through a bad break-up would,it's still extremely hilarious and a wonderful read.

+Hilary Duff is invading my Ipod.Yes,deep inside me lies a 12-year old dimwit who adores Zac Efron and wants to grow up to be Barbie.Plausible.

The Perishers-Sway
Rilo Kiley-Under The Blacklight
Beck-The Golden Age
M.I.A-Paper Planes

Take it easy,peeps.


Anonymous said...

i love the perishers. they like invented emo. not the my chemical romance "im so emo i wear eyeliner" shit. great taste in music. :D

Al said...

ah i love the perishers-i agree with you on mcr,they're so bloody gimmicky & stupid I feel sympathy for any poor misguided preteen who thinks he/she finds solace in such superficial,commercial evil.

Anonymous said...

superficial, yes you are correct. oh well, pre-teens are very into those angsty music anyway. i pity them. :(

my favourite from the perishers is trouble sleeping and u guessed it, sway! ure into damien rice?