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I don't give a rat's ass about the Emmy's (since here in Australia we're lagging light years in terms of getting new shows and shit-although this situation is improving,first it was David Duchovny's Californiacation that arrived to greet our unsuspecting doorsteps-seriously,we never got new shows like this before-then it was announced that the Glenn Close courtroom series Damages will be premiering here this Sunday-okay,neither of the two shows exactly have me peeing my pants from excitement,but it's a good start-oh there's also another show called Life premiering soon,supposedly streamed directly from the US via satellite or something,but the show's title alone is way too offputting and lame for me to muster any interest for that),but Joan Rivers-whom I personally admire for being upfront and non-hypocritical attitude about herself,she takes herself lightly and brushes off criticism with a sense of humour and easygoing approach towards life-so,anyways,she's doing this stint where she blogs about the Emmy's from her home,everything about it-and it's funny as hell,check it out.

My fave part from what's been written so far-
And for Best Comedy, both Melissa and I are rooting for Entourage, simply because Melissa slept with half the cast, and I once spooned Jeremy Piven for an hour after he mistook me for his mother.

Have a peaceful weekend,people.

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