Finally got to buying the DSLR yesterday,a Canon EOS 400D.Can't be more pleased.Honestly,a wide-angle lens would be great but that would be a financial nightmare.Been busy toying around with the functions,learning my way around-though I know technicalities are essential,I don't want to be bound by rules,terms,theories & I believe real creativity is something you find in the heart.Well,that's just me.Enough talk-below are few of the pics from Experimenting:Round One.

Click on em' for a a larger,clearer version.Unnecessary commentaries provided further down for those of you,like me,who crave the presence of words for some inexplicable reason.

1. What better way to begin this than a pic of a cat.Well,here's my sister Ireen's lovely cat Fishy-who,upon seeing me sneak up from the corner with the camera,simply pondered straight into the lens for a good minute or so,allowing me plenty of time to get the settings right.Only bad thing was that-for being such an complying pet,I stroked his head & back compassionately & my hands smelled of puke right after.Bah,all born rockstars smell horrible-this one's a natural Cat Stevens.I totally suck at puns.

2. I don't remember what these are called,but they grew like mass Nazi colonies in our gardens back when I was small,terrorizing children-appearing on fences,on the sides of bricks & every tiny corner you'd bother to inspect.Then I'd find a small twig to carve it off the surface,when a bee or whatever things live in those would come flying out.But by then,I'd have run into the house & be safely watching cartoons,panting quietly under my breath.Don't know why I wasn't much of a screamer as a child.Was more of the kind to throw a massive rock at your head for being a jerk than telling mum or crying quietly in class during recess,which was what this one girl used to do back in primary school.I should've offered her rock-throwing classes.

3. Appetizer for lunch today.I love how tantalizingly surreal the beans look,and how the bright colours in the picture emanate a kind of refreshing,youthful ambiance,all nicely subdued by the darker surface of the table & bowl.

4. Lights at Chili's-I like how furniture is often arranged to create symmetry,and how this holds up evenly with the chaos & unpredictability of the more volatile surroundings,most notably us humans,the weather.There's something disturbingly fragile about the whole idea.

5. Lens caps,looks like the focus for this one's a bit undecided & the framing slightly loose.Nonetheless,there's a subtle play between light & dark here,the light shadows on the right accentuating the side's ominousness.

6. There's no hiding the fact,how severely dark/underexposed this one is.Everything's gone haywire,I hate how the background's made dark but details back there still unavoidably visible.But I've read in some books that say you shouldn't delete pics off from your camera,as they might turn out differently once transferred onto your com-& you could salvage them through editing or whatever method,sometimes achieving odd,remarkable results.Obviously,this is doesn't quite sway that way but I'm surprised how the cookies turned out acceptably focused in the end (click to enlarge to see what I mean).

7. And,ta-da,a pic of donuts for those of you who've read up to this point.Yeap,J-Co donuts are as good as they're said to be,possibly even better.I've always thought Krispy Kreme's were merely MEH except the succulent Devil's Glazed,but those from J-Co were significantly more tasty.My fave was that purple one in the corner,don't really know what flavor it is or what's inside but it tastes great.I don't remember the details,but I remember being really happy as I bit into it.That's what she said.I should stop it with the pathetic one-liners.

I appreciate any helpful comments I can get,but if not,enjoy the rest of your week people.For those of you who've been down or unlucky,I offer you.....my beautiful hairy leg.



Ai Ming said...

i like your leg picture the best
no kidding

congrats for the new cam and worship the Canon 400D!!!!!!!!!!!!
look how pretty the pictures are


have fun with it

PS: if you havn't got the adobe, i would recommend adjusting the pictures with ZoomBrowser EX which works as good as Photoshop for the basics

Al said...

I know right,I should become a leg model,make tons of money selling women's socks etc.

ZoomBrowser is the one that comes in the cd kan?Haven't tried that one yet-I'm still using poor old Picasa,it offers very limited functions but is ok for now because I don't like to edit my pics much unless they're crazily out of focus.

WEEE canon 400d forever & ever!