I've been running errands all day,beginning with a haircut and ending with a trip to Safeway to buy an overpriced honeydew.I guess errands is making it sound more important than it really is.Well,it wasn't overpriced,but just mispriced-the queue was long,so I could only afford a short argument with the well-intentioned cashier,who patiently advised me to take it to the service desk-before long I dirty glances were thrown my way,cue to pay and leave.On the way home,I thought of the nice cashier guy who had a bright orange beard which glowed like Summer in Iran.

And,in the morning at the saloon (I honestly don't know what they call them nowadays-Barbershop?Hair Parlor?Beauty Center?) this girl named Yose' (one of those difficult Korean Names,the first few times she said it I heard "Used Hair",and thought that all the staff here had weird names centered around silly puns) was just downright clumsy-they had three workers present at the time I was there,two casually appeared & disappeared and seemed to be doing nothing,so Yose' was left to answer calls at the desk,single-handedly manage the entire place while serving me.When washing my hair,she got the whole top part of my shirt wet-like I just climbed out a water slide.She was cutting my hair somewhat mindlessly,so instead of browsing through mags I had my own personal life to guard from this mad-snapping shark lady.Despite the experience,I was satisfied with the end result and Yose' was warm and chatty,although most of the time I couldn't catch what she was saying-that undecipherable accent-so I chose between slow nodding,the usual "a-ha?/Omigawd!" or two-note giggle depending on her tone.

Anyhu,some random snippets I personally find interesting,if not profound.I'm just amazed,how these songwriters can write such beautiful songs and say it so gracefully without coming off overly complex,or loony-plus,great vocals and smooth sound arrangement doesn't hurt either.

I could be wrong, I could be ready
Oh,but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
John Mayer-In Repair

you looked around you, nobody had taken
any notice of what you saw: against the evening sky a formation
a million black birds looking like one
Kings of Convenience-Live Long

He sets off,the beauty in her
He's Venus as a boy
Bjork-Venus as a Boy

Silently reflection turns my world to stone
Patiently correction leaves us all alone
The Killers-Tranquilize

Take your time when you tell her
how she lives in your blood
The National-Val Jester

With all of the time in the world to spend it
wild and unwise
I wanna be mesmerizing too
Liz Phair-Mesmerizing

Time for a shower and late night meditative tea brewing.No,I did not just invent that.Young kids these days.


Ai Ming said...

"...late night meditative tea brewing"
so uncle

Al said...

oh look,attack of the weird-looking profile picture!ahaha.i think a couple veins in my lungs just ruptured from that brief laughter.i'm so old.

reminds me of this ep of HOUSE,this old man wakes up from a coma,later goes "What's an EE-POD?".Haha.

MaE : ) said...

"I find it so romantic when you
look into my beautiful eyes
and lose control"
-The killers, who let you go?

Al said...

Hurm,I need to download their older albums-whoever's behind the songwriting (Brandon F I presume) is just bloody effing genius.