Viva La Vida

The cover for the Coldplay's upcoming studio album (scheduled for release June 17,though I'm sure it would've "accidentally leaked" weeks before that) looks odd.What else is odd is the album title (officially: "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends") + some of the song titles ("Lost!","Strawberry Hill")-basically its a bit strange how nothing here seems typical for Coldplay,but I guess they've acknowledged that their fans-in the 3 years since their last effort X&Y came out-have changed.

+I don't know whether its my exceptionally good mood,or if my ears are going wonky-but that new Scar Jo song ("Falling Down") sounds heavenly.Sure she sounds a bit monotonous but a lot of singers out there can hardly call themselves professional singers-they just find their niche somewhere,and here her voice sounds great behind a drifty,constant strum of many different instruments.

+After about two weeks of putting Lykke Li's Youth Novel under heavy rotation,I think we've got us the year's first strong contender for something that could match the crazyfantastic Feist album of yesteryear.I wonder why the promotion on this one's running low-its a nice pop/dance record,although it might just not look or sound as "trendy" as the stuff coming out (like that new nearly 7-minute long Death Cab single,now what the hell was that all about?!)


hannahble said...

the song is strawberry hill?i thought it was violet hill?

btw,hi ivan!how are u?

Al said...

yah the one released was violet,but there's one on the album called strawberry hill.

I'm ok.Crow shat but narrowly missed my foot,so I'm more than ok really.