We've done things we're not so proud of.

There are always things you want to forget,but never can.The past will always return in some form or another,you can never completely detach yourself from what you've come to know and in some way become apart of.

There's always looking forward,trying to change-but it'll always keep up to you,there'll constantly be someone there hanging over your head and trying to bring you down.And sometimes,trying never cuts it-sometimes what you need is a 180,a 'select all'-'delete',and start anew.And I've come to realize that those things never stop coming back,but you eventually become strong enough to able to face up to the consequences and say Yes I was that person,but I no longer am.

As soon as you realize that choices are for yours to make,and to say no to something is not too hard-that control is for yours to take,and that people will believe what they want to-you'll see the idea of freedom is not a faraway dream.

One step at a time.

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