Finally,the moment we've all been waiting for.Not really,just a new single from Cold War Kids (click pic for Myspace),its good.Recuperating currently,after almost two weeks away from home.I don't get homesick anymore,but its only when on vacations that I do feel it-having to move from place to place without nothing truly your own,hotels and housekeepers and bartenders and strangers on trains.And then there are the skyscrapers and unfamiliar places,all indifferent.And the feelings that I don't talk about but I know are there always appear in the pictures I take,for me photography has evolved from a mere hobby to a very important part of my life.

We spent a week plus in Boston,a weekend in NYC and a day in Amsterdam on transit from JFK-KL.New Yorkers were ruder than I expected (some of them have this very offputting "I OWN THE WORLD" attitude,a couple servers were like "What the fuck you buggin' me for?"),but what the hell who wouldn't be pissed what with the extreme congestion (parts of the city feel like a rush hour subway train),hellish summer heat (I swear,one day the temperature went past 40c) and I think I'd be the biggest asshole if I were living there.I'd kick dogs and slap ugly babies,and secretly put gum on the head of tourists-I only do two of those things at the moment.

+Digg the newish
(which has been around for a while possibly,I only discovered it days ago while browsing the Virgin megastore) John Mayer live album Where the Light Is-just as good as the ahmazin Any Given Thursday,I've been dying for a new JM album and the live,8+minutes version of I don't trust myself is exactly what I need.
+The Ting Tings album is really growing on me.
+Beach House gig@Curtin House for 20+,big fuckin steal if you ask me.
+Rumoured M.I.A gig at Revolver Upstairs,if this happens I guess we'll ignore the time she said she was ready to retire.

(Entering plane)
R: Smells like tuna.
A: Nah,smells like poop.
R: What kind of tuna do you eat?

P: F is just amazing,for her wedding she planned everything herself.The caterer,the venue,the photo/video man,everything!
V: Well,its her wedding.

I might not be the right one
It might not be the right time
But there's something about us I want to say
Cause there's something between us anyway
Daft Punk-Something about us


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