Been getting these cravings,wouldn't be a problem except that they come in sets.Two days ago,I set off to get some Decanter Yee Mee,but came back with exactly that plus a bag of rojak,cendol and some kuih.Yesterday afternoon,I felt hungry for Nasi Kandar so drove all the way to Kayu at Curve,along the way buying some cheesecake and dropped by the Taman Tun pasar malam on the way back for some Jenny Hong tau foo fah.With both parents and the sister gone I've had the house to myself,and that allows me to be a complete slob-I'll eat while watching tv,while going up and down the stairs,and also before,during,and after a shower.If it was up to me,there'd be a buffet table that goes all over the house on a moving belt so I'd be able to eat all day and not move an inch.Suffice to say,I've gained some weight and after relating this to S,she tells me to eat all I want and start working out when I'm back in Melbourne and I tell her she is the voice of rightness itself.

All of this got too much,yesterday night.Yearning for a late night snack at 3am,I stepped quietly downstairs and was surprised to find a whole chocolate cake in the fridge.I took a large dinner plate and piled about 3 pieces of it,but somehow messed it up all over the plate so it didn't look like 3 pieces.It could've been 5 for all I know.Returning the cake into the fridge,I then reached for a long spoon and prepared to savor the first bite-the large spoonful melting on my tongue tasted chocolatey,then a bit sour-and this is when I puked it all out onto the sink.I immediately went back to the fridge,took out the cake and began stabbing it with the plastic knife-you disgusting little whore cake,you tried to poison me you fucking bastard child!

I'm a changed person now,its almost 6 and I haven't eaten anything but some donuts and a pepperoni pizza sounds good.I wish I could teach my cat to talk and he'd become my life coach and recommend a suitable diet but Hiro's been looking fat lately so I guess I'll only get a couch buddy instead.Been watching Fred videos,the voice doesn't annoy me at all and his timing on a joke is always spot-on,plus the whole thing is reminiscent of Arrested Development in a sense that entire story is mapped around a limited number of characters,all whom have their own distinctive traits.There's Fred's mum who's actually a man and a prostitute,the one bird and the neighbor's squirrels (who are actually dogs),Judy & Kevin and his use of "Fred-isms" and his constant shrieking an yelling.It's highly childish and immature,but also quite funny.So yeah,watch that.I'll leave you with a boring poster for some movie (how dull does "Nick & Norah" sound?),which I'll watch anyhu because its Michael Cera and he can do no wrong (via FirstShowing).


Miss Aida said...

Damn you and the expanse of delicious Malaysian food!

Al said...

I've been so greedy with all this food,that I'm sure to prematurely grow a 50-year old's pot belly soon.I'll say its a fat suit,they sell those online for sure.