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Prosh Week is on.This is the time when students,mostly Art majors-gather to walk around uni around self-made costumes,I wonder where they get the time/guts to do all that and what its all for.But its just that I haven't been on top of things lately,and there are times where I wish I could focus all my energy into excelling just one thing.I guess that's where my career comes in,or if I had a cat to take care of I'd spend most hours dwelling on which cat food to buy,whether a name change was really called for,if I should allow said cat to watch So you think you can Dance tonight and so on.I could spend so much time thinking of what to do,and not know at all.Which is maybe why I ought to make a costume myself,out of all the single,mismatched socks whose partners have disappeared.And take my carelessness to the march,be part of a parade that celebrates the joy of nothing,cheering to the tune of letting be.

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Tourist #1, pointing to an anti-war protest in Times Square
: What's that?

Tourist #2: I think it's TRL.

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