Van She

Talk about Van She.

1. Unless someone tells me a touching story behind the band's name,I'm gonna go ahead and say its stupid.
2. They're based in Sydney,and are one of the special few local bands who miraculously don't suck.In fact,they're pretty good-you can hear their stuff here on their Myspace,or pick up your copy of their debut album V,which I'd put as a truly commendable 8.5/10 effort.
3. V was recorded with British producer Jim Abbiss,who's most renown for the debut records by Arctic Monkeys & Adele.
4. If you click on the above poster,you can see that they're barely taking breaks and playing almost every night.I highly applaud their hardwork,but if they come drunk/exhausted for their gig next Friday (info here) someone's head and the back of a beer bottle will inevitably collide.
5. The drummer's named Tomek,and the band's classified under shoegaze,electropop and psychedelic.

We close with the vid for Cat & The eye.

I don't really get the video,but how adorable is that rock with eyes?But the track (ignoring the persistent wooshing sounds in the background) is in itself a small form of evolution for the country of Ohstralia.

Kelly was a young girl, looking in the mirror, doing what young kids do



soraya barakbah said...

the vocalists name is matt van schie. thats prob why. heh

Al said...

ohh matt van schie's kind of a cool name,so i'll let it pass:D

soraya barakbah said...

but it IS kind of odd for a band name kan. esp the way its spelled too.
sounds like banshee. hah