Summer Heights High premiers in the US Sunday night,lets hope its big enough a hit to encourage creator/writer Chris Liley to do another season.Its one of the few tolerable local shows,and the characters are mind-blowingly offensive (the second clip of Mr. G says little of this),extremely self-absorbed and inappropriate,though also very hilarious.Maybe check out the preceding series We Can Be Heroes (from which the character Ja'mie-in the first video below-originally comes from),in which Liley plays four characters competing for the Australian of The Year award-I highly recommend buying the DVD,as for now I'm eagerly waiting to see what genius Liley has planned next.

*They showed this short clip of Duchess Sarah being part of this documentary about orphan abuse in Turkey,it was heartbreaking.I keep thinking that I should do something,but I don't know what or how.



Rahimy said...

Seriously Beck, Qantas is doing some good deals one way ticket to China, why don't you buy one?

freaking hillarious!!

Al said...

you're so fat and the fat doesn't know where to go so it pops out your chest