I think the people on morning shows literally have a hat full of random topics,from which they choose one and talk about pointlessly to sleepless hungovers who,like me,wonder why the hell they're talking about "the benefits of chocolate" this early.On Kerri-Anne (who I still loathe strongly),they played a clip of Papa Pitt on Oprah talking about his children's curiosity in dogs-then proceeded to talk about them canines for 30 minutes,with a panel of two men obviously informed in the area.And the infomercials,these freaks forever smiling and trying to lure us into buying that vacuum that works by itself,it even charges itself and is self-systemised to routinely clean your house at certain times.Or the ab workout machine that carries a whole gym's worth of exercise-they prey on the lazy and gullible,bum housewives and disorganized forty-something's who complain about "not having time for anything,with the kids and all" (you have two maids at home,and you don't work-get it together dumbass).The Morning show has added a segment called "Accidental Hero"-which is exactly what it sounds like-cheesy,presenters in sad-smiley mode as sentimental music plays descendo,but I like it for the unintended humor.They call up a mother who nominated some other mother who saved her child from drowning-its obviously too early for this woman,who stays in the coldest most monotonous voice "I think she is a great hero,risking her life for others" and they turn back to the presenters,one of whom blinks in shock for a moment before proceeding with their "Awh,shucks!" act.Ah,its just the not having my two cups of coffee or having my trans-species brainwave talk with my cat Hiro.I'm actually a man full of love to give,believe it or not-like Chuck (I wish),how amazing was Gossip Girl this week?I love the way its gone from a story about everyone (EVERYONE) scheming and deceiving to a more family-oriented plot,but Aaron & Vanessa need to get hitched and sent off on a rafter to an island where they can do their own spin-off about ugly teenagers who create artificial problems for themselves to make up for their physical deformities.Okay I lied,I had two cups of coffee,a cup of juice and milk-I feel healthy and beaming and full of life,I need to get out and lose some of this energy pronto!

Adieu Memozillas


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