Yes,its a week to exams but I have this cracked system where I read something then reward myself with a cookie or something equally enjoyable.So here are some microreviews of the most recent eps,of the only shows I still tail-SPOILERS ahead.

The Office-I honestly believe the show's jumped the shark,its been a steady fall since the new season debuted a month ago and so far its shown to be highly inconsistent,hinting heavily at a lack of material (the most obvious being the re-placement of Ryan in Scranton) and not knowing how to handle the existing relationships.Jim-Pam don't look like they'll be veering off the cutesy anytime soon,and the Jan-Michael-Holly triangle wobbled on sappy before concluding abruptly on account of Michael's extreme fickleness.We're missing the sharpness of the first two seasons ,and I believe it peaked in 3rd season when they handled the drama-romance balance best-I hate to see one of my beloved shows self-destruct so easily,but really,the writing has been shaky and a mid-season cancellation wouldn't be shocking.

Gossip Girl-I've even begun to like it,its cheesy (that orchestral take on Muse),awkward ("Actually,I'm a Count" is this season's "I killed someone") and big on high-drama (Blair-Chuck story's fit for Bold & Beautiful/Home & Away) but all in a good way.They never restrain from abusing characters to steer the story into a certain direction,i.e Vanessa's perpetual lurking and her new role as the force of evil (she tends to appear solely to fuck up things) and most recently this Agnes character,her pedo mate and their part in launching the Nate-Jenny sure to be short-lived "fairy-tale romance".But all is forgiven,I'm curious to see how far they'll go for the sake of entertainment-nothing's sacred anymore,'moral' characters have proven otherwise (both V & D now have 'scheming weirdos' engraved on their cv's) and even the sturdiest have had their soft sides exposed,everyone's a chameleon with their identity and no other show has been as brute or experimental.

30 Rock-How I've missed Tina Fey & Co,but having seen all the preceding episodes to last night's season premier,I've adjusted my expectations to fit the bill.30 Rock season openers have been big hits (last night was the show's most-watched,Fey's still on a high from the Palin sketches),but the show as a whole is thin and full of pointless,witty dialogue where substance should be.So its unsurprising that the story developed in the whole of last season-Jack's departure & Devin's rise-was completely undone within a single 20 minute episode.Instead the adoption lady loses her memory at the end,but Jack returns to power-its a safe and cowardly move,to phase out the Jack-Devin rivalry to re-enter the no-drama zone,clever distracting us with this 'adoption lady' story that turned out inconsequential.But we've got a lot of surprises lined up,starting with Oprah on next week's ep-then sometime later Jan Aniston and a rumoured Jon Damm stint.

Have a good weekend.


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