Digitalism Live @ Forum Theatre 10.1.09

I'm not too familiar with Digitalism,but I've had their Idealism album on a couple rounds.Not bad,but I figured for a live performance they'll be innovating quite a bit and not merely pressing play on a Mac.That explains why the ticket reads Digitalism LIVE.We arrived round 9 but saw that they were scheduled to come out at 1.30 AM so went cruising and came back sometime after midnight-Forum Theatre (my first time there,damn I missed the time when Stereophonics played there last year) is one of the best gig venues I've been to-its spacious and the interior acoustics are excellent,the place was PACKED so people were pushing and shoving a lot.

As for Digitalism,if you rate the craziness level on a rate of 1-10 (with 1 being that you're half-asleep and better off at a Wiggles event,10 that you pass out from the mania),I'd rate it as a perfect 8.They were on for close to 2 hours,the whole time I was totally in the zone and of course completely lost my shit when they played Zdarlight & Pogo.The German duo of Digitalism brand their music dance punk and electro,either way its not the kind of music I'm used to listening to but any band can prove themselves worthy by playing a kick-ass gig (which is in no way an easy thing to do).

The night stretched a bit,the only issue was that it was too packed and you get these pricks and bitches who purposely try to get on everyone's nerves.Among these hellsent creatures was this girl with a huge furry bag the size of a printer that she kept swaying madly at people.Eventually she stopped,puked a bit and disappeared.Then you get these assholes who spend the whole time trying to get to the other end of the room,and when they're done,get back to the end they came from.Then there was this other girl (why are they always girls?) who had her back to mine and was leaning for the longest time,so I did this violent jig to sort of bounce her off and she yelled FUCK OFF to which I had no smart response so I just shouted NO,YOU FUCK OFF.And minutes later I was too absorbed to remember she existed,but I had a distinct feeling someone was giving me the poison eyes from nearby and true enough,at the end when the lights came on there she was glaring stupidly as if to melt me with her laser eyes.

Also a damper that they don't allow SLRs in,but it was one hell of a freak gig.Lastly,there's this AMAZING remix of Zdarlight that samples MIA's Bucky Done Gun and here it is.


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