Lykke Li @ Prince Bandroom 4.1.2009

The opening acts were ok,and the electro music put on before Lykke Li came up got us in the buzz.The 3-piece band finally emerged,no fancy tactics for the entry just straight into business.Lykke Li began with Melodies and Desires-delicately,before letting loose over frantic drums and guitars at full volume.The crowd took bait and went wild (a couple girlfights broke out time to time),and amidst all that loudness and chaos Lykke Li urged constantly for us to "Get crazy,motherfuckers!".

After 3 songs,came a cover of Vampire Weekend's Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.But it was only later,that THE MOST AMAZING,UNPRECENTED THING IN ALL HISTORY happened.Lykke Li shouted "Do you know Kings of Leon? We're going to do a cover".Then she covered Kings of Leon's Knocked Up,one of the most emotional and beautiful rock ballads of all time.

The set was pure adrenaline,being backed by the world's best unknown drummer (this guy BREATHED the art,he played like there was no tomorrow) and a solid band,Lykke Li sung her damn heart out.It was money well-spent-and though the levels of mania inside were over the roof,it never approached the levels her also-Swedish counterpart Robyn once achieved in this same venue.But of course,it was a phenomenal and exhausting gig anyway.

Pics in a later post.



schien said...

AL-ZAQUAN, i hate youuuuu at the moment and all the upcoming concerts you get to go!!!!! BON IVERRRR!!!! GRRRRRRRR!

hahhaaaa... peace!

safuraa razak said...

so good, i wanna cry.

Al said...

i cried i think,thank god the lights were low.