From YYYs Myspace comes this week's best news
A little madness in da SPRING
Blossoms blooming? bees getting nasty with birds? temperature getting higher and higher and YYYs dropping our big fat album in your laps?? THAT IS CORRECT our new record IT’S BLITZ! Hits the shelves on APRIL 14th US APRIL 13th UK!! But on it’s way first is ZERO the new yeah era track release on APRIL 6th!! Oh lord there’s no stopping us now!!!!!!!!!!!!LUV YYYs
Track listing:
  1. Zero
  2. Heads Will Roll
  3. Soft Shock
  4. Skeletons'
  5. Dull Life
  6. Shame and Fortune
  7. Runaway
  8. Dragon Queen
  9. Hysteric
  10. Little Shadow

don't stray
my kind's your kind
i'll stay the same


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