Molly gets milk

From Jezebel:
Molly the giraffe was born at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA two days ago. She couldn't nurse, as her mother wasn't producing milk, and even after being fed cow milk she was weak and had trouble standing. The staff at Southwick's rushed her to the Tufts University Cummings School for Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton. As a tipster notes, "this tall tale has a happy ending."
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1. With the film coming out soon (which I'm highly anticipating),I dropped by Borders and spent a very long time there reading the Watchmen graphic novel.I was really blown away,I'm def no comic geek but the ones I've read range from petty and kiddish to fairly readable but the genre so far hasn't earn much of my respect.But Watchmen had meaty characters,fluid dialogue and some nice,quotable one-liners (my fave was Rorschach's "Don't you see,I'm not locked up in here with you.You're locked up in here with me"-something he says to fend off prisonmates,the guy's a total psycho).I liked the colors (the darkened bar scenes were so vivid and full of detail),and though there was ample violence and running around it didn't have much action and the ending earns a low score from me (I won't spoil anything,but they seemed a lot like cowardly terrorists to me),the graphic novel carried a lot of emotional weight and managed to even develop some very interesting and sympathetic side characters,and was on a whole extremely ambitious and imaginative-you could tell a LOT of effort was put into it,and I have a feeling that the film will pull off the difficult feat of capturing some of that magic.


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