1. Jamie Oliver has a new magazine.The feel of it,I mean the physical sensation of the pages on my fingers-is damn near surreal.Its dumb but I'm very particular about the type of paper mags use,their size (not too much a fan of their content,but V and W mags' oversized layouts and large leafy pages make for comfortable browsing),and the thickness of it (of course mags like Nylon and Yen appear to pose just the right weight,too bad more than half of that is advertisment guff).I don't know why,but I get very anal about how some things are presented and unless every piece of detail fits in the whole picture I don't feel good buying it.

2. I would buy anything Nigella endorses.

3. My indie gig partner J,on the tram ride back from watching the Duke Spirit-noticed that I was singing bits of Lady Gaga's The Fame.I've spent countless hours with J,but she always held this icy exterior-and our shameless professing to love Lady Gaga (beyond the normal indie stuff we spend hours chatting about),finally broke down a wall.

4. Spent the whole Saturday at M,now its night and I can't think of a more satisfying option than getting a takeout for The Vicar of Dibley & Iron Chef.Both are on the same slot,but the remote control guessing game has become second nature to me.

5. When the Duke Spirit were playing Wooden Heart on their encore,these 3 bogan fuckers were busy sharing anecdotes right behind me and the unstable part of me slipped out without thought,turned back and yelled Shut the Fuck Up at the top of my voice.It doesn't seem logic,or necessary-but at that moment,to listen to the song played live was All I Desperately Wanted.

6. What Women Want is on for the 2000th time this year.I'm not complaining,Mel Gibson is damn charming in this and every movie Marisa Tomei plays the difficult,ungettable chick I'm swooning inside.And of course Bette Midler is a fucking hoot.

7. John Mayer has a Twitter addiction?Who cares,make a new album already.

8. Its official.Noone in Australia watches Lost.But heck if you saw this week's episide-SPOILER: SAYID KILLS KID BEN.This,to non-fans of Lost I can't quite explain why,is a complete Braingasm/Mindquake.And of course Big Love's grand moment-ROMAN DIES (coincidentally,in the same ep he kisses Bill in a frenzied I am the One True Prophet moment).If this had happened one season ago,I would've been relieved-the guy is dangerous to everyone including himself-but Roman's death marks a new opening for his son Albie,who would literally do anything without the slightest touch of consideration for anyone else-to satisfy his greed.Sidenote,Margine & Nikki have been excellent this season-I smell a spinoff.

Love of my life Jeans,I WILL FIND YOU TOMORROW.


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