Parks & Recreation

The Office-inspired 'Parks & Recreation' premiered last night,safe to say the response has been mixed (there's already a Facebook group calling for its cancellation).Following the same mockumentary style,we have in place of Pam & Jim: colleagues Leslie & Mark-having rendesvoused once 5 years before,one party cleary more enthused about it than the other.Things the show has going for it:

1. Amy Poehler.Her character's terribly undercooked and I can't count myself a fan,but there's still that personal brand of humor she carries brazenly,with a hysterical smile and maddening sense of optimism.

2. Supporting cast Rashida Jones (Karen,from The Office-I hated her character and wished her dead),Azis Ansari (Scrubs,this season's Heather Graham) and the yet unfamiliar Chris Pratt (recently engaged to Anna Faris,that bastard) seem perfectly cast to play their roles,all of which seem more substantial and unique than Amy's.

3. The state of The Office is in.I "gave up" on the show weeks back,currently at episode 21 the 5th season is overstretched far beyond its means.After a short break,I attempted to watch an ep and found Jim's saner-than-thou attitude old and pathetic-but having seen two of the most recent eps,I'm glad to see that its definitely improved (a LOT-Dwight/Andy's new bff status is easily a best-of for this season) and is quickly reverting back to good form.For one,Jim got a minute max (I say kill him off,no questions will be asked).Having recovered from that deep,long miserable slump,I'm sure plenty of Office-fans felt their loyalty waver slightly and Parks & Recreation should prove a refreshing alternative.

That said,as a pilot episode it was a big disappointment.Its the kind of quality you'd expect (or tolerate) mid-season,when you've gotten to know the characters a bit more and are more concerned about what happens than the humour.I laughed a couple times (Leslie's homeade neckbrace,or everytime she said "clavicle") but its obvious the show has yet to find its own ground,and is lacking in originality (they should definitely avoid bringing in Steve Carrell or Tina Fey for cameos-the association is already too strong).But with a strong cast at hand,it holds potential to become one of the year's best.


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