a basterd he is

New poster for Tarantino's next,out August 20 here.I do not like Pitt,to me he's just a pretty face with very little talent to match (unimpressive too is the choice of Diane Kruger as leading female,I can't think of a paler blondface).For Tarantino however,I'd subject myself to anything and anyone-the man is a freaking perfectionist with his art-plus,Inglorious boasts an amazing cast that includes BJ Novak (Ryan!-he's been amazing on Office this season),Michael Fassbender (from Hunger),Eli Roth,Maggie Cheung and two very unexpected names: Freaks & Geeks actor Samm Levine,and Mike Myers (his recent stuff hasn't been good-I hated Shrek,but the Love Guru was inoffensively just average).This new poster lacks bite (I hope they play down Brad Pitt's involvement,his celebrity status could overshadow the film completely),but I'm sure the film will deliver a few surprises.

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