I remember reading Where the Wild Things are as a child,and seeing large images of it perched over cribs and in places like nurseries or school.It looked strange,I didn't understand any of it but I was really attracted to the way it was drawn-and the monsters,there was this curious thing about them.As adults we can decipher what we feel and know,but as a child you got to experience all these weird,mixed emotions.Part of me yearns to be that curious again.

Anyway,interview with their costume designer here.Speaking of interviews,the Marlon Wayans on Channing Tatum piece in Interview magazine's the funniest thing I've read all week (issue with Emma Watson on the cover-I think Emma Possum sounds so much nicer) check it out.

"She dabbled in potions,particularly those for women who felt their faces droop with age-and was rumored to grow tiny mushrooms in her hair.Oh yes,Evaline was a very peculiar woman."I think I want to write a children's classic one day.That I'll do.

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