1. Had a seafood platter Family Pack for dinner.Bought in Aldi,where things are cheap and mostly dodgy.The pack said take out pack and put in oven for 12 minutes,I stupidly complied and had a situation with burning plastic for a moment.

2. Dad sent an email with three paragraphs about how anger destroys you,allegedly quoted from the Dalai Lama.I replied asking him why he sees me as a hitler in the making,feels the need to play prophet and he called two seconds later saying Don't miscrontue,son It's just something I want to share.

3. There's a show on channel 10 called Recruits,focusing on some below-20s who joined the force and have to deal with dangerous bogans prowling the city on Saturday night and such.A brilliant show I think,while some of us waste away on glitter there are few who wake up to serve and learn.

4. New issue of I-D (3ooth issue-multiple covers!) has a two-page writeup on the YYYs and some pretty nice shots of Nick & Brian (both vegetarians).On Karen O :"If she stuck up her middle finger in a light socket you could see proof lit from within; a bulging muscle heart beating hard like a machine inside her tiny skeleton".Obvious the writer's a fan,resulting in one of the best article on the band I've read.

5. "And THAT'S how you tell a story,Rose!"


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