I don't know what the deal with Transformers is.People are going "Oh,I can't wait to see the new Transformers movie!"-and personal sentiments aside,I kind of grudgingly see the appeal.There's promise of giant robots,gratuitous eye candy and things constantly going kaboom."Cool!".Kind of like past Michael Bay movies,except not at all.Armageddon and Bad Boys II though equally vacuous,had some form of personality.Transformers had tits and robots-and like the average joe,I can tolerate a bad movie and occasionally even enjoy it.But this was just so loud and obnoxious,nothing was likeable about it.Nilch.The second worst movie I saw that year (I am Legend tops the stink list).The dreaded sequel came out today,reviews have appeared everywhere:
It's not the extravagant fireworks display that rankles, it's everything else: the dull and pompous exposition, the trite characterizations, the tacky love story, the dismal comic relief and incongruous pretensions to the status of a popcorn epic.

from CNNs review,which I really enjoyed reading."Exactly how I felt (about the first movie)",I thought.I haven't seen "Revenge of the Fallen",maybe I will and with much,much lowered expectations I think it won't be too bad.


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