empty high

V put it best,she checks her FB once in a while but says she doesn't care much because "everyone has something to prove there".I don't like,well that's just putting it politely-saying "I really,really hate" brings back memories of a 15-year old me pointing to just about anything,ready to unload some kind of disapproval-anyway,(I can't stand) people who leech on others to make up for something (maybe I'm not describing it right).Take for instance S,a quietly witty and interesting/peculiar little 22-year old bourgeois with more than just a slight insecurity-she sticks to a duo of loud,boisterous "fun" types-one of which I don't mind,a genuine character but the other exactly the type to do things for show.Look how fun,how funny,how daring,how amazingly everything I am!Oh how would I describe myself,dearie?Perhaps this way!A high-powered,ambitious lady adventurer ready to take on anything,open to all types of fun,wild stuff and oh,do notice what a courageous,preciously unique snowflake I am!Come aboard,feel special! Toot-toot (train sounds)!

Anyway,I'm getting carried away.S latches on to these two,and feels immediately lifted from a kind of slum,now she is lively,bizarre,when really her behaviour around this two can be described as passive,submissive,every effort made to seem invincible.Meaning,S would go so far as to mute herself completely for fear of offending these two (for fear of banishment),training herself to become an all-go Yes Man-if only to attain that rub-off brand of mediocrity these two have been passing off as "fun".

Anyway,everyone's allowed to rant right.Some people do nothing but that.Just this once then i'm back to hamana hamana thou shall not crap-Mr No,I really think some people are just misunderstood and contrary to popular belief,not full of shit.

(Watching season 4 of Weeds again,I need to be in a place like that where people are openly dysfunctional.Utopia,love)

(ooo yeah)


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