Half-blood prince

Sometimes I write something,and worry about what others might think.Most times I don't bother,and most times I don't hesitate because writing has become that thing I do.That place I go,that outlet/sanctuary-and most of the conversations I have to the tick-tack of this worn keyboard,are with myself.

Thinking out loud,makes perfect sense.

Saw the new Harry Potter movie (finally) couple days back,and I think the general feeling from everyone is that its not very good.In the first hour there's too much talk,the tedious prepping of what's to come next-not only in the film's ultimate finish,but also for the franchise.Not much action anywhere,but one big merit I suspect will definitely go widely unnoticed is the value of its visual set-ups.Every scene opens to a rich,and delicately framed scenery (like a perfect photograph)-be it the snowy mountains as a train moves for Hogwarts,or the dark,green pastures at its gate where Lovegood & Potter have a short exchange.The visuals and scenery made me go "wow" often but its a bummer that the characters,and the dialogues they have don't bring the same effect.

I really also loved Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix,a small character but is played with such delicious,restrained lunacy-the scene where she's running in the field shrieking madly,needed nothing more,and was entertaining on its own.Hermione is perpetually angry or weeping,but I've never really cared for her-while Ron,who previously played the goofy idiot-is much less of that now,and its more comfortable to seem him played straight.Finally,the scene at the cave-I've read all the books,but with time a lot of the details have died away-and even before the films came,very few parts from the entire series stuck.One of them was when Dumbledore took Harry to retrieve the first Hocrux from a cave-I don't remember the exact words,but it was described with such intoxicating imagination-its depiction here,overstuffed with special effects and loud music,doesn't do it justice.

As a whole:really good build-up,limp climax.The revelation at the end-with all its cheesy conversations coming out of nowhere,feels like a used Hollywood ending.Alfonso Cuaron's "Prisoner of Azkaban" remains my favourite,while this-neither best nor worst-provides a spectacle for the eyes,and to be honest I wouldn't mind seeing it again for that reason alone.

(can't believe basterds comes out Aug 20,been waiting for it all year)


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