As you can see,even as I child I was quite somber.Always hiding behind trees and under rocks,talking to balls of dust and befriending lost insects.Nah,kidding.Things weren't always this way,it was only when I was sent there that things changed-up to a certain age I was happy-go-lucky,the most jovial kid you had ever met.Of course I was also naive and terribly stupid,but there was nothing that could bring me down.But even today,with the person I've grown into there are rare moments when I feel so high and indescripably happy,and these are the times when I feel in touch with my former self (from many years ago) and I feel that despite what has happened and what comes next,I will come out laughing and smiling,or shitting rainbows and ponies as T puts it.As my ma,who's had quite an extraordinary life but managed to overcome near every challenge thrown her way with that crazy sense of humor,that ability to rise-after being knocked down so hard-and tell me about her difficult times in a way that gets us both laughing.

Anyway,I didn't intend to write anything-just post this picture with a simple caption and call it a day.

things aren't going as planned,but I know we'll make it work somehow



Anonymous said...

when I was sent "there" =p LOL
i was at KLIA last night and i swear i tot i saw u der, from side profile though and later realised it wasnt u.. or else i wud have juz slapped u.. btw u didnt call ova the weekend!

Angelita Atractivo said...

i like this entry.

esp the shitting rainbows and ponies part!

blue skies and everything nice~