Got caught in the turbulent winds today,when I got home both hands were red sore and I jumped into the shower with clothes still on.I could feel the temperature in my body plunging fast,and my the water hit my fingers I felt nothing but its slipperiness.I began to strip,and the heat began to return when finally I felt the water's warmth-I looked down to my thighs and they looked red and beaming,like inside some fiery little alien was about to break out of its shell.And they itched like mad,like a furious carpet burn-so after a few minutes in the shower,I ran out to dry myself,applied some lotion all over and made a home by the heater.Before,I was on Lygon purchasing sushi for buka-when a woman came in,asked the cashier if she could stay in the shop for a while "because the radio's warning us about the winds,telling us to tie up our pets".

When I got back,the news was on but they were mostly concern about some piano-playing cat and MJ's apparent homicide.I put on the radio,there was talk about uprooted trees and overturned trucks.The sister wasn't home yet,so I felt unsettled.Texted her a couple times,warning her to use the tram home (although a friend called me up to say that she just got off a tram that was rocking wildly from the winds,I figured it a safer choice than walking).Eventually the weather calmed,the skies opened and from my balcony I saw a few figures scampering to cross the road.And then I called you-and asked you to speak,not hearing the words but taking what I could from that voice.

Anyway,upside down jellyfish.Such beautiful,soothing sights.


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