Some movies I've very excited to see.

1. Where the Wild Things Are I've posted the trailer,NY Times did a wonderful profile on director Spike Jonze here.Based on Maurice Sendak's book about a child who invents this alternate universe of benign monsters to deal with his troubles.I have this horrible fantasy about a film I want to make: It's about a daughter-father pair who go out camping and the daughter witnesses her dad being killed by a giant bear.She then sets out to murder this bear,goes straight out insane in the process.The girl's about 12,and the whole thing is in french-inspired greatly by old school vengeance thrillers,and all the nature documentaries I've been watching about crazy animals and flesh-eating insects.

2. The Box-From Donnie Darko's Richard Kelly,about a couple facing financial difficulties and find a box at their doorstep-with a button that everytime pressed,gives them a million bucks but kills one person.Based on a Richard Matheson short story,I think its got just enough mystery and weirdness to lure me in.

3. Whip It-Drew Barrymore's directorial debut is being marketed as a feminist,you-can-do-it! thing,I don't think its an angle they should've aimed for.Anyway,the trailer looks great and its got two women I truly,truly enjoy watching: SNL's Kristen Wiig (who always gets these small roles,but plays them really well-a la Jane Lynch,if you haven't seen Role Models yet I suggest you do just to catch her "You know what I have for breakfast? Cocaine!" speech,although the movie itself is damn hilarious) and Zoe Bell,who last appeared in Tarantino's Death Proof.Its got a bunch of cute girls in short shorts and whatnot,but they really need to put some edge to get people really excited.

4. Jennifer's Body-written by Juno's Diablo Cody,about Megan Fox transmorphing into a psycho vampire or something.In the trailer,she lights the tip of the tongue with a lighter,has fangs and throws down some cute threats.Amanda Seyfried and that funny dude who I think is in the Miley Cyrus show (don't ask) is in it,and somewhere in the mix there's Amy Sedaris though I'm not sure where.

4. Lovely Bones-Peter Jackson takes on the bestselling novel.They've got a girl who looks a bit like Chloe Sevigny at the lead,and the trailer alone delivers some very compelling visuals.Also,one of my all-time favorite actresses Susan Sarandon,if only for the fact that she makes one of the Top 5 Best Friends episode ever (as Jessica Lockhart,both she and Jennifer Coolidge deserve 10 Emmys each for what they've done for the show).

All the titles link to their respective trailers at Apple,where it loads so much faster.

Oh,what the fart.I can't resist.


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