1. There's this show on SBS called Road Trip Nation Australia which is about a couple young people who go on a road trip to discover their true ambitions and selves,and I suspect at the end they'll find a couple things they love to do which include tribal dancing and semi-atheism,and find that the best way is your own way,there's no right path and such other 0ft-quoted sayings that sound trite and weightless,but really do carry the most important messages,words people probably ignore in favor of finding their meaning in their own life experiences.

2. That is to say,when asked "So,what's after graduation?" (which looms near,only 90 days away),I tend to answer with a pros and cons list-two choices: to continue uni,or to dive into the workforce-hoping to get a conversation going,a lot of us are lucky enough to have fully formed opinions-you'd stay to do your honors or pursue some other postgraduate program because you think 21's a bit raw for work and you've really got to pump your CV if you want a good first-salary,then there are those bound to work by contracts,and some just fence-sitters who are really just ambivalent about things and will end up going where the wind blows them to.

3. Why are there only two choices?Work,or continue uni-neither of these seem exceptionally attractive to me,but the world,or your parents at least,push you to define yourself as something or to move yourself towards a certain direction-which I think is the more important issue,I'd prefer for the journey to continue rather than being stuck in static contemplating life,the self,as if all that thinking over stale latte and sheer passivity will magically help you resolve the ultimate Why.

4. So I,personally feel that I should set off for work-sure I'd be lacking some other certificate or qualification,but I don't value those things as much as other people may,I know in 4-6 years I'll want to start pursuing my true dreams and in the meantime I want to learn to be many things-a reliable adult,a fascinating storyteller,a secret gentleman,a Russian double-agent,a hairless centaur-and explore the possibilities-and I feel that being in uni keeps me in a tight box,I'd rather get back on the road and make shit up as I go along.

Now hollow fires burn out to black,
And lights are guttering low:
Square your shoulders, lift your pack,
And leave your friends and go.

Oh never fear, man, nought's to dread,
Look not to left nor right:
In all the endless road you tread
There's nothing but the night.

(AE Housman-from "A Shropshire Lad")


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Anonymous said...

Bwahaha. Hilarious. I love it..
From a reliable adult to a hairless centaur! Goodness!