Saw Amreeka.

I won't go too deep into it,but it has Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development-I'm willing to take anything of hers at the moment,even if a movie features a 5-second cameo of the Shawkat.She's got a rare,natural comic charm and a genuine smile and I have no doubt she'll be going places in her career as an actress.

The film has a wide array of characters,and tries to concern itself with a lot of things.The son's accused as a terrorist at school,the mom struggles to hide the fact that she's employed at a fast food restaurant and the family is crumbling on nearly every front.

I thought there was something hysterical about the main actress' smile,the scene in which she goes through interviews,and smiles even through all the rejection had me in fits.Her acting,especially in the emotional scenes with her son,can be slightly affected.But the film is tied together well,rarely do films progress so seamlessly with a multi-faceted plot,it ends with a take-home message that is worth noting: loneliness can bring strangers together,and home is where your family is.


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