1. Its been a truly bizarre week,I don't feel like myself and everything I do seems like its part of a dream.If I'm unreal,all is harmless.

2. Wrote a short story and it was a bit too subtle or full of metaphors,out of wooden pencils.

3. Listening to a lot of the new M.I.A stuff (teqkilla),its all completely incoherent,layered with random tribal junk,overly modern and the kind of shit to make an old man scratch his head,but truly I think could be the most fascinating and amazing album of the year.Now the lady needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and just speak music.

4. So sick of Lady Gaga and her antics,I hope she takes a long break and kapoofs for a while.

4. Watch me do this vanishing act,a whole other creature is growing out of me.


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Miss Aida said...

A whole other creature could mean a metamorphosis of sorts. Due for a change?