just a feeling

1. Just when I didn't think it was ever possible,I feel a higher disconnect to everyone and everything.My mind slips in and out of its own revelry,I pass out with my eyes open and feel both liberated and shackled at the same time.

2. I've discovered some pretty nifty things I can do when my Iphone & Macbook join powers,experimenting with short films and I think I alone can be mesmerized by a a 12-minute video of the sky played to the sound of Beach House. Either way,I think this is a good return to my creative form, while my own creations take a long time before they're prepared to display,I try to find little visual nuggets which I put up from time to time.

3. This blog is about to have an identity change,there's so much sex and violence I didn't feel comfortable to put before,so be prepared for a lot of hairy dicks and pussies and be careful not to open this page around your mother.

4. I think I'm done with the concept of the self as something you should mold and polish,I'd rather step back and embody the shape of a performer,I'd love to be able to detach who I am from what I do,and succumb the latter into unprecedented levels of exploration/extremism in art,music,prose,where my existence has become some sort of fucked-up performance that isn't meant to be understood.

5. Forget what you think you know about me,because even I don't remember anymore.

I didn't want any flowers,I only wanted
To lie with my hands turned up and be utterly empty.


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Rahimy said...

what happen to our short film plan? :p