three songs/love

The music scene is mostly a money-making business,on the forefront you've got Lady Gaga,someone who is so apt in molding her public image and whose theatricality fits well with the obnoxiousness of Pop,but her songs are mediocre at best.I doubt even her best shots (Bad Romance,Telephone) will endure time the way any given Britney Spears song can.

Madonna,Mariah Carey,Usher,names big in the 90s or earlier are all struggling to adapt,hiring the same bunch of producers,Will.I.Am or Timbaland whose work sounds monogamous everytime. I listen to a lot of music,mostly just a kind of lazy window-shopping,I got the latest Arcade Fire album and thought it was gloomy and pulseless, Brandon Flower's latest is radically country but his voice alone has an enthralling feel of heartbreak to it, Kylie Minogue and Weezer basically stuck to appeasing their core audience and both made perhaps their career's best albums.

But every year, there are a select few singles that truly break the mold, display an unprecedented innovativeness, chart direction for the next year (the copycats will come), these are rare thrills. 2010 so far has offered 3 examples, in my opinion.

1. Kanye West-Monster
The song takes off with nothing special,Jay-Z is completely disposable,but come Nicki Minaj's verse: rap or hip-hop,naturally,is not my cup of tea, but her part alone conveys incredible force.

First things first I'll eat your brains,then Imma start rocking gold teeth and fangs

2. M.I.A- XXXO
Overshadowed by her childish attempts for attention this year,the album (Maya) is noisy and violent,there is a mention of politics here and there,but its the unabashedly Pop song XXXO that shines,reflects the melody of her first two albums,and had she not made that video for 'Born Free' or been so vocal about her half-baked opinions about everything,I have no doubt that XXXO would've been the biggest Pop song of the year.

I don't let it show,but I think you know,'cause you tweeting me like tweety bird on your Iphone

3. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl- Bang Bang Bang
The man belongs to a sub-genre where he alone stands, absolutely noone can mix and produce something to this calibre.

No way,bang you're dead,here's your silhouette


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