boytalk: sex and the city 2

1. First,the title.Its meant to be ironic,or something,so here's where you giggle.I can't manage a proper review,because like the woman who plays Samantha,this movie is a 1000 years old.Everyone has seen it,hated it I presume,got over it.There are so may things that are despicable,offensive about this movie,but the biggest crime was that it was somewhat a snore.

2. And not because I wasn't born with a vagina,I tolerate chick flicks and love their interchangeable blondes and all the shit about empowering women (You need some airy,fluff movie to feel reassured?) is entertaining in a strange and absurd way which I feel reflects some deep-rooted issues in our hypocritical culture. Am I being serious? No.

3. The gay wedding that opened this film was,I don't remember anything about it,except that Carrie wore this suit and a bowtie and this amazing hat.She looked incredible,I thought that was the highlight of the entire movie.Sarah Jessica Parker was born with that unfortunate face and a voice that makes me want to strangle a baby,but in this particular scene and outfit she looked stunning.

4. I guess they had to mix seriousness,show that these girls had developed as women,wives or whores,whilst still being dressed like colorful slut pumpkins and managing puns any real person would be embarrass to say publicly.The transition from something serious,to the lighter parts,felt like going through surgery awake. "My husband is cheating on me"-cuts to- she fell of the damn camel! Ha-ha! Children are so tiresome,but this is how a marriage works-cuts to-Samantha having loud sex. Its like they were catering to women with really short attention spans,and the emotional maturity of an embryo.

5. I survived this movie while multi-tasking on a million different things,so I didn't really have to pay attention,I have met very few girls or women in my life who are genuinely this annoying.These four are incessantly whining or speculating,are superficially profound,shamelessly addicted to needless drama,and I wish that one,the purportedly nice one (I think her name is Cherry,or Merrion,or something as dull as she is),she was in one Vin Diesel or Adam Sandler movie with the kids and the ninjas,she should just lose her head or something.She is so annoying.In fact,these four should find and island and retire there married to their dildos and medication.I can't imagine anyone being able to bear these four,except themselves.


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