Draft: John & The Flower

Fact #1 John slept exceptionally well that night

And this was how he woke up with the bare etches of what would be a life-changing dream, although the details were still fuzzy he would remember bits of it as he went about his mundane routine, on the drive to work he recalled the shape of the flower he dreamt, its blood red hue and giant petals, and later whilst sipping coffee in the office pantry he managed the emotional core of this dream, and he knew that he needed to find this flower, that it was a tangible object within this immediate reality.  The purpose of finding the rose, he decided, would be to cure, or at least satiate his daughter’s cancer-ridden body, he felt that this flower, once found, would heal or affect their lives in a way that would be apparent only when it happened.

Fact # 2 John did not dream of flowers

How he came to imagine that he dreamt about flowers, coaxing his psych into hammering down such immaculate details about the shape and form of this flower, is a mystery. The truth was John himself wasn’t sure it was a flower that he dreamt about, but felt something inherently strong within whatever he dreamt and felt pushed by a certain force, that told him that was something to be sought, discovered and soon this search dominated his time, he begin to act peculiar, muting the colors of his wardrobe and now only dressed in black and spoke with caution, he believed something in the outdoors, in exuberant fauna or an illuminated sky or some part of God’s earth, would communicate the message.

Fact #3 John’s wife was worried

This to her, was another casualty brought about by his own personality. It was difficult for John to accept that their only child, was facing the threat of death, and her husband had always dealt with matters like this in his own unique, wayward way. He felt compelled to care and thought himself attached to his family, but it was obvious there was a part of his biology that hindered this, simply put, there was something about his self that refused to actually give a damn. And the dream, to her, was a complex diversion, constructed in his mind, even before their child fell sick, their marriage was starved for connection, it was a family in tatters, and the dream of a flower would just be his way of dealing with things.

Fact # 4 John’s daughter felt slightly better

That morning after he purportedly had the dream, he called his daughter and related in broad details what he saw and what he though it meant, and being 8, she felt captivated by this idea of a flower, that possessed an indescribable power, felt her father both stupid and heroic for wanting to be a savior. Nights after they began to speculate, John now penning a special notebook in which each development was recorded, the possible whereabouts of this flower, its size and look, together they let themselves be swayed by almost every ridiculous idea and the child, who felt her health withering by the days, her chest increasingly hollow and a sour feeling that nested just above her pelvis, began to genuinely believe in the flower, there was faith that things would get better, that the pain would one day stop.

Fact #5 John went to search for the flower

With the help of several experts and in a van full of literature and notes, he promised to return with the outcome of his dream, he felt sure that it was something to capture, and it was unfortunate that during this period his daughter stopped breathing, lost her life. Perhaps the biggest conundrum is how and why John continued his expedition for this flower, to this point in time he has not returned and has rarely kept in touch with his wife, existing only in glimpses of hearsay, trotting all over the world and vanishing slowly from his past, this flower was eluding him for a reason he believed, that his struggles would one day lead him to it, and in an unexplainable and ethereal way, reunite him with his daughter.


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