A Late Review: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

I think somewhere between Order of The Phoenix & Half-Blood Prince the series lost what initially attracted me to it, a sense of adventure was suddenly replaced with fast-tracked storytelling, and in Deathly Hallows we have a fake treasure hunt that is really a puzzle that is assembled too neatly.

Its smart of them to split the last installement into two, putting them 8 months apart, holding fans hostage to the franchise, but after watching Part 1 I its obvious they could’ve easily cut to the chase and wrapped it all up into one film.

There are so many uneccessary bits that linger and stay longer than they should, between scenes of them solving mysteries and nearly being killed, are parts where they read books, stare pointlessly into the scenery, suddenly fight about petty things.

This is however, the most picturesque of the series, the acting is top-notch and there is a professionalism and maturity that was missing before. If in the past we were trained to be fascinated by spells, magic and the discovery of all these kooky things, now they are barely mentioned, the story is stripped of tricks and tomfoolery, and in the few occasions where magic takes centre stage it is spectacular, free of loudness or fanfare, and the main actors are no longer forced to walk throughout an entire film with shocked, impressed faces.

Rushing to conclude, whilst still having to play the fake puzzle, characters get into trouble only to conveniently disappear themselves out of innuendo, this is the pattern than repeats, any threat of real danger can’t be taken seriously, knowing that the script is altogether ready and stocked with quick and silly remedies.

 I don’t think anyone below the age of 20 would really enjoy this much, for a story about wizards and witches it is sadly without magic: a wand with lights shooting out of it, a small bag that can actually store an entire house’ worth of items, clues and symbology. This is not magic,this is Nickelodeon-type stuff for toddlers.

150 minutes is a long time to endure, but there were few highlights for me.
Helena Bonham Carter makes best of the little time she’s given, exacting brilliant, short bursts of lunacy and her character is much more polished than the screaming mess that first appeared in the series. When a Hocrux is unlocked and a gusto of darkness is unleashed, it is reminiscent of the strong imagery of the Potter series, streaks of black smoke (Dementors) flashing through the sky, tall pointed hats and gold, winged emblems, these are strong colors and shapes that will be remembered a long time after the Potter fanaticism expires. Not unlike the green crystals that form Emerald City, or the Yellow Brick Road in Wizard of Oz.And finally,the animated retelling of A Tale of Three Brothers is currently front-runner to being the most amazing thing I've seen in cinema this year, it was luscious,pure beauty and my mouth was gaping open the whole way.

I just know this will be a case of Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, where Tarantino put all the action in the first, and for the plot and exposition to bloom in the latter. Except here its inverse. So Part 1 of the Deathly Hollows might’ve done well purely due to our anticipation and was full of talky-talk, but Part 2 will no doubt play a bigger role being the final punch, there’ll be less talking, more explosions and it’ll be a shameless and entertaining bloodbath,once the two are viewed as a whole I think we’ll see how they complement each other, and the magic of Deathly Hallows will be obvious.


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