two lovers/home

I've been thinking more about writing,especially because I haven't been able to write for a while,when the inspiration comes it is instantaneous and full of raw energy,I'll write and feel worn out by the end,editing is comparatively easier because I only need to trim or redesign minor elements of the existing piece. There are so many things I want to write about,so many genres,methods and topics I wish to experiment with,and sometimes I feel like I hoist the weight of a heartbreak I personally cannot measure,onto a fictional character,I will make then break the happy,but in the process I hope a compelling story is told,at the moment I'm trying to write a screenplay.

There are a few ideas being thrown about,one is tentatively called 'Two Lovers' and is about a pair of indecisive,damaged 20-somethings who fall in and out of love,with each other and others,and its all in French.This is because there is something I love about French films,first setting the language is something that isn't your mother tongue takes that vocal,domineering role of language away,you don't get too fixated on what 's being said,and there's a certain fluidity in the way the setting,characters,all that is visual and verbal,play a more level role in telling the story.Also the thing I love about French films,is the lightness of it,there is a sense of journey and time in telling a story,as opposed to the conventional narrative of having a clear climax here or there,and having to resolve things,begin or end them a certain way,sure the average viewer expects to grasp a tangible story within the time he or she is watching the film,but there are times when a character,or a romance simply flows out,becomes detached from the idea of time.But what I have for this first project is just a lot of banter,and I've never had so many characters to deal with,of course I want there to be some sentiment of community and closure,and the 'Two Lovers' gravitate towards each other as they do against,and so much of what I've experienced and the people I know have gone into this,I think one day I'll tie up the lose ends,give some structure to it,and actually film it.

The other project is called 'Home',technically terror and I wouldn't be reluctant to call it a slasher film,its about a family of four who live in a secluded mansion whose house is invaded by strangers,the two children of the family escape,but amidst running away,decide to turn back.There's a bit of a Tarantino-ian brand of revenge,definitely a lot of gore,blood and flesh,and there's not much dialogue as the film becomes more animalistic over time.I want to explore the idea of how one can be desperate to the point where he transcends from being human,rational,and how this power can be both volatile and dangerous. There are visions that I have that are clearly not right,not sane,but art as a medium can reward adventurousness.

There is a part in Kill Bill Vol. 2 I love,when Uma Thurman is buried alive and makes her way out with bleeding fists,and later crawls out of the grave barefoot and her face caked with mud and blood,the next thing she does is go to a diner and asks for a glass of water. Then its immediately back to business.


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