Best of 2010 : MUSIC

Best Marketing Effort
Robyn Body Talk

The final album was launched very late in the year,and preceded by three Body Talk EPs. I feel that the 3 were all lackluster,with a few exceptional songs (Dancing on my Own,Hang With Me,Indestructible) and none eclipsed her best tune to date (the emo-electro With Every Heartbeat from way back in 2007),but with a handful of great singles and new additions she launched a final version of Body Talk,an album ready with songs we were already made familiar with throughout the year,and a few unheard ones that would eventually find their own chart momentum.

Best Live Album
Regina Spektor Live in London

Best Art Album
Kanye West My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy

I think he belongs to a separate list,because this album came nowhere near my Top 10 and the hip-hop genre is not something I frequent or enjoy,but both these things are ignorable.He is no doubt one of the most inspired and talented artists there is,the album refuses to be lumped into the rest,is a clear benefactor of the man's monumental ego,which has fed his unnerving versatility and boldness to experiment.

Most Underwhelming
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

After all the hype and drama,and her previous collaborations with some of the industry's biggest names (Mariah Carey,Xtina,Kanye),there was a lot to be expected from her solo venture.Alas,it was a dry,boring debut and to me at least,this came as a complete surprise.

Most Overrated 
Arcade Fire The Suburbs

Noisiest Album
M.I.A Maya

This was universally panned by critics,fans hailed her as a new hypocrite as she continued to pose as a self-declared revolutionary and underground hero,despite her marriage to a billionaire and considerable mainstream success thanks partly due to a joint outing with AR Rahman on that year's biggest.Teqkilla is of a few knockouts,but the album's biggest quality is its noisiness,it is loud and unflinching,and like all notable works of art,difficult to appreciate and unapologetically polarizing.

Best Song
Kanye West Power

Most Anticipated from 2011
Adele, Lykke Li

The Top 10 Albums of 2010

10. Surfer Blood Astrocoast
9. Kylie Minogue Aphrodite
8. WeezeHurley
7. Janelle Monae The ArchAndroid
6. Beach House Teen Dream
5. Gorillaz Plastic Beach
4. Cee-Lo Green The Ladykiller
3. Foals Total Life Forever
2. Best Coast Crazy for You
1. Black Keys Brothers


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