sunday short: creators

Can you not see that we are extraordinary?

So I might make this a regular feature, a kind of short write-up on Sunday where I’m more personal than I normally am, a long time ago I resolved not to overshare here on this blog, for one it was a fucking epidemic for every insignificant teen to vent about the most ordinary things on their blogs and facebook pages, people who aggresively campaigned themselves as hyperactive socialites, camwhores with no self-awareness and for a while a few bloggers rose to infamy writing about the most inane things and in the most unspectacular fashion of prose, I wanted to just catalogue what fascinated me on the internet, this has predominantly involved fashion, art and a tiny dose of poetry or film where I see fit, but mainly I want to put my own art out there, however petty and undeveloped it may be.

I rarely get the inspiration to write a whole story out, and when I lack the ideas I go to a slow creative process that involves building the fundamentals of stories, characters and feelings where I can, so you’ve seen how my more recent pieces have been very minimal, these will be input to a much larger picture, they’re attempts to capture a heightened intensity that comes from writing many small things.

I’ve met so many people whose personalities shine dim or loud, this past week I saw a girl etching out a dress on her Ipad in Starbucks and it was decorated with bright orange and purple, a flutist on the street who played with his eyes closed and seemed totally immersed by his own melody, the first time I realised I could do something was when I watched Kill Bill Vol. 1. This sounds silly. People normally don’t find epiphanies in ultra-violent movies, but in Tarantino I saw this specificiness in the way each scene was cut and presented, how the lines and camera all grouped to convey a force, it was when I realised that I possessed the ability to do more, and if I focused myself on something really hard, there was absolutely no way I could lose.

I gravitate to people who are obsessed about things, who love things as strongly as they hate, have biting opinions about film,music or whatever they may like and dislike, beyond the monotony of Taylor Swift, MTV, Business Degrees, Wow What Pretty Long Hair, Flat Masculinity, I embrace the odd and the weird and those who wether they like it or not, show it or not, were gifted with a stunning sense of individuality, and a talent to CREATE.

A lot of people underestimate this, or they’re just made to overlook it in favour of other pursuits, which should still be entertained, because Education and Money are basic necessities that when fulfilled, provides one with the luxury of entertaining his or her’s more innate demands. Art is something large and beautiful, and if you’ve been blessed with the skill to do something-be it to sing, paint, sculpt, write, design-you’ve been given the opportunity to become something different, to make a lasting effect, or at least, inspire others.

I read and listen and watch and consume all that I can with hope that I create more appreciable things, I am still extremely sad that we lost David Foster Wallace to suicide, there are elements of his writing that I try to emulate but fail-genius appears in many forms, often makes one stick out, as each your every drawback in one area may hint towards strong points in another, so its better that I don’t rant like this so much, instead focus on producing more fiction, but to those who were born to CREATE: make, inspire, grow.



Miss Aida said...

LOL. There's a time and place for oversharing, but I don't think you'll ever step that boundary Al. It's funny - I read my very first few blog posts and they're very personal - and somewhere along the line I started depersonalizing things, because I wanted to be more private, didn't want to share as much with the world.

Things change I guess.

Al said...

so true aida,and writing fiction lets us disguise the things we don't want to share directly.