bieber on love & tom ford for interview feb 2011


now of course when i put these two next to each other,the bieber looks even more ridiculous than he already is but lets just play along.for one,love magazine is one of the most daring,unpredictable ventures out there who can still proclaim to be avant-garde,the new issue (the androgynous issue) features an alternate,less family-friendly cover with kate moss kissing transgender model Lea T,its not as thought-provoking or exciting as it thinks it is,but here beiber is not misrepresented,the blue coat and typeface accentuate his lolita-ness,those cherry lips and long lashes and the lego hair,putting bieber as the simple brand he is proves to be a smart marketing move,not a memorable cover by any measure,but it'll help them sell and reach new readers.tom ford i consider one of the best looking people on the planet,i don't mind that he appears in a lot of his own campaigns,man looks superb in a suit (side note: my best-dressed from the golden globes was colin firth in tom ford,he looked spectacular),only thing is i'm sure i've seen this picture before and i hate it when mags reuse old pictures,he has a striking face and makes for an interesting february cover

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