kristen stewart for US vogue feb 2011



today we take a break from MFW,because a lot of the stuff I've seen this past two days has fucking bored me,but i stumbled upon this and i knew immediately i had to post all the pics i could find from this shoot.I have seen very few of her films,and had the misfortune of watching the first two (of what seems to be an endless series) of the twilight franchise,and she was absolutely terrible,her only way of emoting even the most minor emotion was to clutch her hair and breathe like she was giving birth to a seal,but i personally believe some extent of that terribleness was deliberate,she is a somewhat forgettable presence on-screen but with all the (physical,at least) charm of scarlett johansson in lost in translation or winona ryder in girl,interrupted.that is,an underlying darkness that is masked by heavy quietness,a certain apprehension for all the tired blondes and empty blockbusters of the industry,she is someone with a grudge,an opinion,and its all there showing on her body and face.photographed by mario testino,she appears in pieces from the proenza schouler spring 2011 line (inspired by chanel),while the visible bra is never flattering but the clothes are infused with a rich,boyish charm and everything about her eyes,hair and skin and legs are breathtaking.

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