burberry prorsum fall 2011: THE ODD


to say this is odd is kind of an understatement,I like how they've toned down everything else to undermine the weirdness of the coats,the bags and shoes are so tediously pedestrian but its still a showstopper.the harsh square shape,how it absolutely does not fit or compliment the body,but this to me is refreshing,I've long hated how they've used lanky,starved boys and here the shape's obscured,at least I can imagine they're normal looking bodies underneath,and the blown-up sleeves and cinematically gigantic collar,how they've played with portions,but still kept that finished touch,it is just so odd and delicious


Anonymous said...

where do u find all these fashion frm? do u work in d fashion industry? u have an attention to detail

Al said...

i scout for the pictures online,and no I don't work in the industry,I just love it :)