paris fashion week: balenciaga fall 2011 lookbook


this collection was pretty much fucking garbage,for one i am really irked that they've put damn sneakers onto every look,no matter what you're wearing and however much it costs,wearing sneakers will instantly cheapen you into white thrash category.its like those fucking chinese girls i used to spot in melbourne who think they can carry gucci bags then wear flip-flops and not look like retired prostitutes.besides this though,i'm upping the ante because the new runway collections have been largely unimpressive,sometimes i've nothing to post and am forced to choose two of the least mediocre looks,so by just picking two you're ensured to be protected from the overwhelming hediosity of the rest. balenciaga is a name i associate to good things,but this fall they've returned to a lot of tired looks,so very 2008,but i'll say i fell in love with the two coats above.i love the haphazard construction of the left,its really not necessary to have that many lines and pockets on a coat (what am i,a drug dealer?),but they look beautiful anyway,and a slight break from the boring two or three button peacoats of this season,they've gone with a plain black coat that i imagine would look nice paired with anything and anything.the gloves,shoes,hair,i don't know who they're trying to appeal to,and colored skinnies give me horrid flashbacks of mika and that whole season when we saw hipsters flaunt their bony legs as if it were something to be proud about

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