paris fashion week: paul smith fall 2011

this constitutes my favorite collection so far,it was impossible for me to select just two of my favorite looks,so I chose all the ones I love and went through the trouble of making this collage.typical of the brand,you have some color,beautifully toned down by pairing them with more daily-friendly,understated shades,i love how diverse the models are,they've been styled so nicely,the odd necklace here or there,the boots,that third layer on the top,they all look like different individuals,but none stray from that paul smith man,a modest dresser but always ahead,my favorites have got to be that mustard colored sweater,the red wool top that's paired with the polkadot,the satin button-up,the leather strapped bag and i have to comment on how impeccable the blonde hair looks


Anonymous said...

an avid reader of your blog since 2007. you used to write reviews about music, movies, books, life in general. what happened? but do not fret, these fashion entries are amazing, very descriptive much like your old entries about other interests. it appears to me that you write well as long as you have the passion for it. you should consider being an editor of a fashion magazine. keep writing love.

Al said...

i'm trying to build a niche,once in a while i'll still write about life & music etc but i'll try to make those as focuses,succinct as to not disrupt the big frame.thanks for having been a reader all this time! as for editing a fashion mag,that might happen within the next year or so,just keep your eyes open :)