diane kruger for madame figaro feb 2011

5 things
1. she is one of the most beautiful women in the world,it shouldn't be that hard.
2. this editorial is as if someone picked up her character from the national treasure films and expanded on this,she is naturally striking and a moving presence,but here she is just bored,half-asleep,barely there
3.why is she shot from the back in so many pics? she has nothing to hide.
4. putting women into elaborate dresses and having them stride across vintage hotel settings,its just so overdone,this has not one ounce of creativity in it.
5. none of that matters,its diane kruger,look at that face,you could mess up every part of the shoot,and still count on her.


Anonymous said...

I think she's absolutely gorgeous. even better if not so made up

Al said...

she is completely flawless,i agree.

Anonymous said...

kinda looks like evan rachael woods here