london fashion week: burberry fall 2011

burberry has become the name to look out for every season,with coats like these i would enter a store and forget about gender or boundaries,these look just unbelievable,my favorite was the one piece that looked like no other,top left the black and white squares it just looks animated,from a different universe but still quaint,feminine and the additional details on the shoulders and the lacey belt,its just an all-around perfect look.the others i think,as much as i love these cheerful colors,i think they're seasonal,its like something you'd see on a tv show where the actors wear according to trends,a temporary,albeit beautiful trend,that black fur coat is just gorgeous,its just,i have no words for it.i would literally sell my own house and car and whatever i had to,to have it,although it wouldn't look any good on me.the others,typically stunning construction,one drawback were the accesories,neither hats nor clutches looked good,platform shoes seemed slutty.but to be honest,i hardly veered from the coats,just wow.

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